Wednesday, September 19, 2012

god will take care of you

great peace have those 
who love your law;
nothing can make them stumble.
{psalm 119:165}

What you need to do, 
is to put your will over completely 
into the hands of your Lord, 
surrendering to Him the entire control of it. 
Say, "Yes, Lord, YES!" to everything, 
and trust Him so to work in you to will, 
as to bring your whole wishes and affections 
into conformity with His own sweet, 
and lovable, and most lovely will. 
It is wonderful what miracles God works 
in wills that are utterly surrendered to Him. 
He turns hard things into easy, 
and bitter things into sweet
It is not that He puts easy things 
in the place of the hard, 
but He actually changes 
the hard thing into an easy one.
{hannah whitall smith}

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