Sunday, February 26, 2012

lenten lights {first sunday}

today is the first sunday of lent.
i've been participating in a collection of readings and scriptures to honor this season.
to encourage me to honestly confess my sins,
and to celebrate the new life in christ jesus!
some days, i'll share the scripture portion here.
click on the lent label to catch up with those, if you'd like.

in addition to that,
i'm following along with the lenten lights program at desiring god:

i invite you to join me!
this is an introduction to the reading plan.

read here to get started:

"In this the love of God
was made manifest among us,
that God sent his only Son
into the world, so that
we might live through him.”
{1 john 4:9}


  1. I haven't heard of lenten lights. I'm a going to check this out thanks Hannah.

    1. i am really enjoying it, know you will, too!
      love you xo

  2. thanks for the invitation to join:) count me in! excited about this. thank you hannah!

    1. yay! i think it's such a rich, yet simple collection of readings.
      really loving it! excited to see the lord work through it:)

  3. ooooh i like the look of the joint over here too. your talent amazes me. i'm not doing anything outside the norm for lent. for some reason it always catches me off guard. not to late to start i suppose. happy monday sweet lady!

    1. thanks, rebecca:)
      yep! never too late to begin!
      love you.