Saturday, September 18, 2010

our need for likeness to christ

"pride is one of the commonest sins in the modern church and it proves how little we really know of 'the mind that was in christ jesus'{phil. 2:5}. one man glories in gifts, another in numbers and a third in eloquence. as a generation of christians we have little ability to manage our pride. to append the label 'reformed' to our party will not suffice to cure this evil. it is greatly to be feared that we do not take seriously the call to 'humble ourselves under the mighty hand of god'{1 peter 5:6}.

happy is that believer who has learned to 'glory only in the cross of christ'{gal. 6:14}! happy that church where boasting is abhorred and shunned! man must boast of something. the world boasts of itself. this is what the christian must never allow himself to do. do we want 'unction'? do we want 'power'? do we want 'revival'? it would be a major step towards all three if we could only learn to crucify our accursed pride more ruthlessly. for then we would experience god himself drawing nearer to us in our weakness. and what weakness we are in!"

{maurice roberts, the thought of god}

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