Thursday, July 08, 2010

a note on gratitude

"Gratitude that is pleasing to God is not first a delight in the benefits God gives (though that is part of it). True gratitude must be rooted in something else that comes first, namely, a delight in the beauty and excellency of God's character. If this is not the foundation of our gratitude, then it is not above what the "natural man," apart from the Spirit and the new nature in Christ, experiences. In that case "gratitude" to God is no more pleasing to God than all the other emotions which unbelievers have without delighting in him."


  1. As I think about the occasional(:-) ingratitude of my children, or mine towards MY parents, I have realized that this is hard for me to be REALLY grateful; to REALLY appreciate the Lord for WHO He is and not just how He blesses me.
    But Psalm 103 does encourage us to "...and forget not his benefits".

  2. Me too, Suzanne! And I am SO thankful for the Psalms!!