Saturday, January 07, 2006

from Joy and Strength

Let every one of us please his neighbor for his good. ROM. 15:2
Let us consider one another. HEB. 10:24
LOOK around you, first in your own family,
then among your friends and neighbors,
and see whether there be not some one whose
little burden you can lighten, whose little cares
you may lessen, whose little pleasures you can promote,
whose little wants and wishes you can gratify.
Giving up cheerfully our own occupations
to attend to others, is one of the little kindnesses
and self-denials. Doing little things that nobody likes to do,
but which must be done by some one, is another.
It may seem to many, that if they avoid little
unkindnesses, they must necessarily be
doing all that is right to their family
and friends; but it is not enough
to abstain from sharp words, sneering tones,
petty contradiction, or daily little selfish cares;
we must be active and earnest in kindness,
not merely passive and inoffensive.
The labor of the baking was the hardest part
of the sacrifice of her hospitality.
To many it is easy to give what they have,
but the offering of weariness and pain is never easy.
They are indeed a true salt to salt sacrifices withal.

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