Tuesday, August 09, 2005

God is in every tomorrow,
Therefore I live for today,
Certain of finding at sunrise,

Guidance and strength for my way;
Power for each moment of weakness,

Hope for each moment of pain,
Comfort for every sorrow,

Sunshine and joy after rain.

from streams

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  1. Hi cousin Hanny - I had lost your website stuff and all for a long time, and it never occurred to me that the link to it would be on Ashley's site - yes!!! You have such interesting and creative websites - I need to get a little more artistic with mine. I certainly have enough time on my hands - I definitely feel like the typical stay at home mom this week - the apartment we are in is really small, so there isn't hardly any housework to do, so when Haley is napping I just sit around - that will all change on Monday though, when classes start - YES!!! I will be posting comments from now on - be ready!!